August 26th, 2002


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I had a sparkley-dance-boylicious week-end, I hope everyone else did too.
ms_nerd got to come out and play with bossymarmalade and I for a while (who is by the way, wisely using a MBFGW tactic on the hubby) glockgal who was all purdy'd up for a party hung out with us for a bit and even silversolace put in a brief appearance. (strandia was busy stashing stolen toilettries somewhere I think)
Read some top-notch fic and watched some great tapes/dvds/mp-whatevers, poured through the new *NSync LifeStory. Saw the promo clip of "Rent" and Justin's "Diary" and, and, and the list goes on.
Don't know what it is, I just don't tire of watching the puppies. I wanna be watching them now. Thank God for daydreaming and the ability to look like you're working while you're doing it. At least I think it looks like I'm working. Hmmmmm.

Week-ends are too damned short! Why don't we all petition to have 3 day week-ends?
Don't you think that if enough of us pester our politicians they'd cave to our demands...?
I didn't think so either. Well, time to 'look' busy, I've got some JC lovin' to get to in my little world.
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