August 24th, 2002


friday night in a sushi bar

Went to a sushi bar with ms_nerd and her goofy dad last night.
It was fantastic! The food was great! The company was wonderful AND hilarious [was introduced to the term 'fart sack' last night] and ended up being seated at the 'bar' right be side an old animation colleague I hadn't seen in nearly two years.
Folks, ms_nerd comes by her wacky sense of humour naturally. It's in the genes.
I was in stitched half the night! (I think poppa nerd thought I was a little funny too - funn y haha, not funny odd!)
And Lance_Nerd the sweetie she is, treated me like a princess. Bought my meal, the new *NSync Life Story *and* drove me home.
if we weren't both straight, we could 'a called this a date. Had a little Bassez action going on. :o)
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