August 22nd, 2002



Should people be allowed to make quadruple shot lattes?!
I'd vote yes if I could focus long enough to fill in a ballot.

::hops around like a hyper jackrabbit on crack aka JC in concert?::

A pixie that works at my local coffee source cheerfully asked if I wanted *4* shots of expresso or whatever the hell they toss with all that steamed skim milk. I should have reconsidered when her coworkers all whipped their heads around and gawked at me when I said; 'sure, why not.' They're all laughing their asses off right now, I just know it.

It's fun vibrating all over the place at 8:30 in the morning.
Oh, but I am so going to crash by 2:00 it isn't even funny!

(note to self: Coffee makes one very thirsty)
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stressing out for nothing?

::breathing normally for the first time in about 2 months::

I'm not getting fired. I'm not getting laid off. I'm not getting the boot.

For the last 3 days, I honestly thought a scheduled meeting for this afternoon was going to be them asking for my i.d. and keys, and handing me my walking papers.
Instead they said there's been improvement noted on my performance evaluations and that they're happy to see that.

They didn't and I'm not and I think...I think...I don't know what I think.

...isn't that something.
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