August 20th, 2002


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I survived the TCA's and remember this abou them;

.American Idol spoof!! HA
.short sleeved sweat shirt?
.undies hitched up higher than pants?
.Lance nominated for noteworthy hissy fits thrown by a man. heha
."Gone" nominated as a 'LOVE' song?
.7th Heaven = best action/adventure/drama??? wha-?!
.Jennifer Fuck Hewitt allowed to sing -the fuck!!!?
.puppies pretending to "like" Hewitt's 'talent'!?
.Matthew Perry/Matt LeBlanc - teenies knew who they were?
.Pamela Anderson's watermelons. Blech!!
.JC's pants being pulled back on after a quick....???!! :o)
.Astronaut gag - WHAT THE FUCK!!!
.Nelly on stage with his boyfriend!!
.Reese Witherspoon-Phillipe is as cute as a bug's ear!
.have I left out any riveting details?
.93% of the celebrities there were baked, gooned, high, stoned, wasted, etc.
.Fun was had by all except maybe the viewers??!
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gotta love them mood icons


...isn't that something

Note to self: try to remember what you mood icons look like!

The last one's rather appropriate considering the only thing bolded in the text is about Mr. Happy Pants himself.

teehee. I'm ten!

::skips off::
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Something I noticed at the TCA's:
It's kinda weird actually. Or is it just me?
It's that Toby McGuire looks a heck of a lot like k.d. lang, but maybe shorter and prettier?
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