August 3rd, 2002


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Yay! I'm heading off with ms_nerd, strandia and the 'visitor' to find out if our local WAL-mart and/or Zellers have new *NSync treasures to score. New(?)bobbleheads?
School supplies? Who knows.
::hops off like a 2 year old::

("excite" mood icon...what's it gonna look like?)
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*eeeeeee* Vancouver Posse!!!
(or at least a portion of it) - with honorary Posse Pal arami went on the hunt for *NSync bobble heads.
There were slim pickings out there! But y'know what, it was so much fun hanging with this basket of crazies that it didn't matter. I love these chicks so much! I do.

I think we were close to having mall security escort us off the premises when we all pulled out our individual bobble heads in the food court and squeed and giggled like 12 year old girls and played with them.

You guys rock my world. I love you!
Welcome to the posse arami!!! come back and visit soooooon!!
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