July 30th, 2002


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it’s 7:30 in the a.m. and I’ve been here for nearly 1/2 an hour.
Someone shoot me in the head, please.
The students don't wander in until 9:00 and I'm here an hour and a half early. Yep, just shoot me.
I think I should start wearing a watch or noticing the clocks in my house.
Say, maybe I'll go find me a bright yellow watch...hmmm

What the HELL am I doing here so GD early!!???
::thunks head on desk::

Guess I'll go get m'self a big ass latte and stare at a light bulb or something.

Oi, s'gonna be a loooooooooooooong day..!
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(no subject)

There is one weird thunderstorm sorta thingie brewing out there right now. ::hops up and down::
That's exciting for a gal who lived in Ontario for nearly 12 years and hasn't been back in about 10.
*ahem* yes, well...
So, yeah, I was taping the "Much on Demand" Rick/Chris chat and they went into a Shakira (shoot me cause I think I spelled that wrong!) video and I got to thinking about her 'versatile' pelvic area and thought how cool/hot it would be to see her and JC Chasez do something choreographed together.
I was just thinking, tha's all. hothothothot
Or maybe her and Joey...? Big hunky Joey and tiny Shakira...*meep*
I'll be alright, really I will.
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