June 14th, 2002


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started out with not really having anything really coherent to post - I just want to see a different mood icon. [was going for 'relaxed' but]

Umm, my favorite tech. buddy's in here right now crawling around under my desk [as I type this!] making 'having-sex-under-the-desk' noises.
Hey, this is turning into a *really* good day. [and my mood icon's gone from 'relaxed' to 'naughty' - what picture will it be?]

and I'm having lunch with crazy women today. Can't wait!
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oh my god. what is wrong with this morning?
why is noon taking so long to get here?
has someone messed with my wall clock?
it's creeping by at a snail's pace.
I'm boredboredbored and bored.

[hey! there's an icon for that!]
[I'm gonna select it and see what it looks like]

::skips away to mood bank::
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