June 11th, 2002


ignorable babble

Ahhhhh...A beautiful Tuesday morning. Sunny. Mild. Warm. Temperature should climb into the high 20's today - that's celcius for those wondering. People were smiling on transit this morning.It's a grand grand day indeed.

Then why the HELL am I at work?

I work in a square room in the basement of a building [in an earthquake zone. thank you] that has absolutely no windows and unless I hop up and down on one foot while holding onto a desk, chewing on a pencil and leaning over to see the shaft of light coming down the stairwell through the prison cell sized window in my key padded door I get no natural light ALL day.
I'm sure there's some vitamin deficiency I'm suffering from because of all this. And any healthy cells are being zapped with God knows what from the 25+ computers there are in here. I think I glow in the dark.

But hey, it's a nice sunny day in my head so what am I going on about? Now where did I leave that sunblock?

Oh, and one of my students has lent me the coolest cd.
"The Rogues". A funky bag pipe band from Texas.
Och! I love me wee pipes. They bring a tear to the eye and a craving for single malt whiskey to the lips. Moors, heather, broad swords, awww and the glorious man-skirt the kilt. (I'd be lynched in the highlands for calling it a man-skirt but hey, I'm shut away in this basement make some allowances)
Oh poop! another student has just asked us to turn 'that' down, please.
What! no palatte for the pipes. where's your haggis y'blighting cod piece! crap. you can take away our music but y'canna take our freedome!

alba gu brath!!!

Yep, I gotta get out of this basement more often.
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my icon

I just wanted to welcome my new icon - generously donated by halowrites to my little family of icons. They are all playing nicely and sharing their toys.

::waves to jchalo:::+
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