May 27th, 2002


good people vs bad things

Why do bad things happen to good people?
How many times have we asked ourselves that?
It was pretty awful in the 'good people vs bad things' department this week-end for a few of my friends.
I just wanted to say to them that they amaze me with their resilience.
You are all such inspirations to me.
It makes us stronger, right?
That's why bad things happen to good people, right?
It's supposed to make us stronger.
I heart you guyz
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reel *ngood!!!

Despite a car crash and broken bones, our little trooper ms_nerd showed up at my apartment yesterday where bossymarmalade, glockgal and I were watching tapes of our favorite puppies (like we do *every* Sunday). You had to see it. Our poor little thing; she walked in sporting a brilliant white, brand spanking new (still damp) plaster cast on one hand and clutching her little PowerPuffGirls tote bag in the other carrying the "Reel NSYNC" DVD. I nearly started crying when I saw her.
I CAN NOT believe she stopped by after a car accident to make sure we got to see this adorable thing of squeeing delight before she sent it on its way, let alone think of us at all at a time like that.
Get this woman - while she's sitting at the accident site with a still to be attended to broken hand, she calls us to apologise for not being able to come over with the puppies dvd.
ms_nerd, honey, you're something else! I luv YOU!!!
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