March 25th, 2002


swollen thumb, sore toes and incoherent babbling

Okay, it's true

glockgal and
stubbleglitter were over for our regular Sunday 'hangin' out' thaing.
As glockgal posted, yes it's true, I'll confess it here, we have the Darren Hansen dance whatchama-call-it video.
We spent the afternoon lurching and bouncing around my living room trying to look like we had a clue what we were doing.
(I seemed to always end up facing the wrong way when we were finished repeating after Darren "one and two and three and four...")
After yesterday, I am suddenly amazed that I can walk and blink at the same time without falling over. That's how UNcoordinated I am. OhMyGod. It's pathetic and extremely embarrasssing.
It was like the words right and left were from dead language I'd never heard.

"muh?! Oh, my *other* left?! Suuuure!"

But aside from banging into one another and stepping on each others toes we had a ball and laughed our asses off - when they were finally facing in the right direction.
Glockgal was getting into it until she decided to try and support her entire body weight on her thumb. The cracking cartelidge sound kinda made my stomach heave. But, what a little trooper, she just kept on going. I don't think it's broken cause she was able to draw later in the evening using that hand - Sore digit and she still produces stunning art work! But now she's all gimped up and can't type at work.
And poor Stubbleglitter - her little toes were pinching and sore by the end of the evening cause she did all her stumbling and hopping around barefoot on hardwood floors and now I bet she's got all these weird ass blisters.
But despite their war wounds, they say they're coming back next Sunday for another go at it. [next week we wear sneakers!]
Sadly, I think we managed to memorize a meesly 5.5 seconds of the "byebyebye" opening. And it nearly killed us.
How the hell do these guys do it through a whole number AND sing too is beyond me. meep!!!!! THROUGH A WHOLE SHOW w/!!!!!!
Holy Lipton!!
It just blows me away that these beautiful amazing young, men do this day in day out. The dedication, stamina and love of it that it must take. It's truly amazing. I'm in awe of them all.
What they go through, the crap they probably put up with.
I think I would cry my eyes out if I had a nazi like Wade yelling at me for not getting the intricate steps the first fucking time he whips through them in a cocky 'look how good I am' way.
But I guess that's a little mean to say since I haven't got a clue what the imfamous Wade guy is like. He might be a real charmer... I don't get that impression though.
But enough about all this.
NSync rocks!
And ain't nobody's ever gonna change my mind about that fact.

...and 1 and 2 and 3 and fall down!
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