March 21st, 2002


Is there a daily limit on these darned addictive quiz's??!!!!

Oh!Oh! I'll apologize now.

Gonna have to join a QTA support group!!! [Quiz-Takers-Anonymous]
"Hello my name is Chewtoy and I'm addicted to..."

I'm apparently feeling a little different than I was the other day and I'm a different song today. That's okay, I LOVE this one too:

(sabu! try it again

Which Celebrity Song Are You?

Not being able to stop at one I decided to find out what cola I was. Today I am:

I love you man. You are probably the drink with the most fan clubs ever. A lot of people depend on you and your caffeine content to keep them up all night. Others are just addicted.
Find your inner cola.

Which is way cool cause I like adding gin and ice to it!!
(I'll be pepsi tomorrow!)

Okay, the quiz police are tracing this so I'll add just one more.
[sadly for all of you it won't be my last. I'm friggin' addicted to these things]

Which candy with the hole in it am I?:

Find out which LifeSaver you are.

Now, to find the 'which *NSync memeber will I marry' quiz.
[I know which one I'd like to...!]

*Hitting 'Update Journal' button and running for cover*
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oh crap

Stubbleglitter! Heeeeeelppp*sniff* My *NSync 'passion beads' broke!
There are pretty sparkley blue balls all over the floor instead of around my wrist.
This just sucks!
Well goddamn it all to fucking hell.

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