March 14th, 2002


Self mutilation week I think

Just came back from donating blood. Good on me.
Forgot how much the 'iron test' smarts before they even get a chance to drain you of a 1/2 litre of juice! (that's that little, tiny, ittybitty prick they do to your finger)
A 1/2 litre sounds like a hell of a lot more being pumped into a flimsy plastic bag than the old 'pint' does.
I feel a little lighter if that's possible. :o)
My puncture wound stings a bit - anti-coagulant residue I think - or my arm's deciding whether to fall off or not.
Get this! I was shocked - the CBS is now obliged to examine your arms for 'needle track marks'. I had to flash my salmon belly pale inner arms to prove I'm not a junky looking to sell a 1/2 litre for crack. What is this world coming to. I won't even get started on the HIV/AIDS questions that take about 20 minutes to wade through. Holy cow.
But, I've got a cute little bandaid in the crook of my left arm right now (and a very unattractive smear of iodine) and decided that I'm way too light headed (wink,wink) to do any more work today. Am gonna have to lounge around and listen to cd's. Hope the boss doesn't take this moment to make her rounds or I *will* be out there selling my precious liquid for crack or rent.
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I've been rereading (yet again!) "Through Glass"
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