March 13th, 2002



I've finally been to for an eye exam after about 6 years of ignoring how blind I'm getting.
Well, the sadistic doctor who's name I'm not sure I heard mentioned once put my poor little peepers through the ringer.
After being blinded by a blowtorch and poking and prodding - yes of the eye.
I'm now sitting here with the residual effects of 'eye drops' still blurring my vision.

Public transit sure looks weird and scary when you can see where the edge of the Skytrain platform is or what bus is pulling up tothe curb. But I made it home.
And boy! do my eyes look wild. There's a tiny ring of the green around the outside and the center is a black circle the size of a dime. Like if a bug were to crawl across it, it would fall in.
It's weird, I keep expecting to see inside my head the hole's so monsterous.
That's all.
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