March 12th, 2002


Yogurt Survey

Okay, so like, I'm sitting here avoiding work at all cost and spooning down a container of yogurt. Happily daydreaming of the puppies. And the thoughts escape into cyberspace.

So I says to Mable I says: I wonder if the puppies eat yogurt.
Mabel: Well, sugar, why don't you go ask them?
Me: (bounces) Okay!
Me: Lance, if you ate yogurt what flavor would it be and how would you eat it?
Lance: (looks sideways at me) Uh, Does it come in butter pecan?
If not, I'd smother it in granola, with pecans.
Me: Sounds yummy. I'll look into that flavor option for you.
Lance: Email me.
Me: You got it! Joey...If you ate yogurt?
Joey: Frozen yogurt in a sugar or waffle cone.
Me: (blinks stupidly in response to that adorable Joey smile)
Uh, yeah, what flavor?
Joey: Hmmm, Chocolate? Yeah, chocolate or maybe passion fruit.
(good god, I hope he can't see me blushing)
Me: Thanks. I don't know if there's passion fruit yogurt, Joey, but I'm going out to find some! Uh, Justin, if you ate-"
Justin: I'd drink it! Yeah! Strawberry...
(he sees all our collective reactions)
Justin: Hey!! Whaswrong with drinkin it?! Yous guys all suck!
Me: Moving right along. JC, honey, if you ate yogurt, what flavor would you eat? And how?
JC: With a tiny little spoon. One spoonful at a time. With water and fruit wedges. And (blinks shyly) I'd eat *french* vanilla.
Me:(thud) Did I happen to mention I had french vanilla yogurt in my fridge right now sitting beside a bowl of fruit?!
(JC and I are going on a yogurt date after this)
Me: So, Mr. Kirkpatrick if you ate-
Chris: You couldn't pay me enough to eat that crap!
Me: Have you ever tried it? . . .
Chris: Don't fucking have to.
Me: Okay, I guess this line of questioning is over. But you should try it, you just might like it. Why don't you join JC and me for some taste testing....
Chris: JC...Taste testing....?
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