February 27th, 2002



listening to "Music of My Soul" here at work and just feel like crying.
The song hits me right in the throat.
To have someone that can make you feel like that.
Someone who will encourage me to try the scary stuff.
Someone who will hold me cuz I'm really scared too.
Someone who will free the me inside.
Someone who will be the music of my soul.
*double sniff*
Think I'll slink off to the washroom now and have a good cry before I do it right here.
Gee wiz! I really like this song!!!!
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    music of my soul GloriaE&*NSYNC


Was sharing my secret puppy shame with a cute little guy guy I work with this morning. (he's taken a fancy to sweet kitty JC)
When he saw one of JC's 'Chair of Sex' pics he said that 'there was *major* gayness going on there!'
I take that as an expert opinion. He's even more interested in the kitten now that he knows he *might* be a playing on the same team.
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