February 26th, 2002


random crazy daydreaming

okay, so it's another day in the salt mine pretending to like being here and looking busy. (thanks to stubbleglitter and glockgal for the burned cd's of pleasure!)
I think I'm mastering the "I'm really busy" brow furrow while being totally in outerspace. I think I've already bumped into JC out there a couple of times this morning.
so, here's the deal, i've decided that i'm going to marry chrissopher kirkpatrick cause he's a sexy little bugger and cause he's of gaelic decent like i am and cause his family motto of "I make sure" is so fucking hot and appropriate and well, cause it would work really well with mine. (and we'r both short.ish)
and since i've checked and the kirkpatrick clan doesn't have it's own tartan, he's going to marry me in a kilt of my family tartan and i'll wear the appropriate matching girlie sash draped across my traditional highland garb.
so that's the random daydream of the moment. i don't see any white coats so i think i'll get back out there.
*checking to see if the 'i'm very busy' brow furrow is in place* before i zone out again and dream of one of the other ones sashaying about in a kilt.
hmmmmm JC in a kilt.........................................thud
i know! i'll marry both of them. (slante mhath mo creadh)
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*thunking forehead on monitor*

Is it me being totally stupid?
I'm trying to upload new icons but...but...

okay, feeling better, will go back and try again.
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