February 11th, 2002


Meeting LJ Members

Did I have a great time Saturday or what!
I love you PopTart & 'Joey':o)!
(Glockgal & MaggieCat know I wuv dem muchly aweddy)
Lookin' forward to hangin' wichoostoo again soon.
Pop, have a safe and terrific trip!
When you get back, maybe we can all get together and hang out in 'Matt Damon's' section again.

Just Got Paid. Billboard Awards

Okay, so I just saw it.
I'm slowly catching up on the plethora of goodness out there...
Oh sweet mother. mmmuuhh! Why did those dorky teddybear plush, primary coloured trench coats and dye-dipped bell bottoms looks so fucking hot.
Can't concentrate a lick!
*fans self*
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