February 4th, 2002


when is it too much slash?

I'm kinda wonderin' here - is it healthy to be dreaming TrickC slash at night or is there something terribly wrong with me? Cause, man, I *did not* want to wake up this morning!!! hothothot
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seperated at birth?

okay, it's *so* obvious I'm not doing a damned thing at work today, I should have just stayed home.
Am I stating the done-to-death thing here?
Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, "Francis" from 'Malcom in the Middle', Ryan Phillippe and I might as well include "Hyde" from 'That 70's Show'since he's 'Francis's' brother in real life.
did I forget anybody?
okay, so like, what's up here - were all these beautiful children seperated at birth?
Or was it something all their mothers ate while pregnant to make them so pretty!? Dang it!
they should sell them by the bushel.
okay, gotta get back to looking busy.
hmmmm, I know! writing slash looks like I'm actually working. =^..^=