January 28th, 2002


Don't Go

"Don't go." Justin spoke against Lance's lower back, voice still thick with sleep.

"I have to." said Lance. Justin's long fingered hand falling away from his thigh as he stood.

"Just this once?" he pressed a pout into his sweatstale pillow, hating the pleading that clung to the edge of his words.

"They're expecting me. I have to."

"I understand." - no he didn't. but he sighed, resigned to already
feeling Lance's heat leaving the sheets tangled around him.

"I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Yeah." he stretched out on his back looking down his nose at his hands as they bunched the rough cotton over his groin.

"Be here when I get back?" asked Lance watching the fingers working.

"Doubt it." grunted Justin refusing to look at Lance, dismissing him
like a petulant child, shoving an angry hand under the sheet.

The door clicked quietly shut.

"Fuck." he slapped the matress rolling on his side, curling around
Lance's pillow, pressing his nose into its sleep damp softness.

He would still be there when Lance got back.

Why does time seem to stand still

gack! I'm starting to suspect that my wall clock was once the Marquis de Sade. The time just seems to be standing still.
M'buddies and I are scooting off to a movie right after work and this day just seems to be taking *forever* to be over. Errggh.
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