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reel *ngood!!!

Despite a car crash and broken bones, our little trooper ms_nerd showed up at my apartment yesterday where bossymarmalade, glockgal and I were watching tapes of our favorite puppies (like we do *every* Sunday). You had to see it. Our poor little thing; she walked in sporting a brilliant white, brand spanking new (still damp) plaster cast on one hand and clutching her little PowerPuffGirls tote bag in the other carrying the "Reel NSYNC" DVD. I nearly started crying when I saw her.
I CAN NOT believe she stopped by after a car accident to make sure we got to see this adorable thing of squeeing delight before she sent it on its way, let alone think of us at all at a time like that.
Get this woman - while she's sitting at the accident site with a still to be attended to broken hand, she calls us to apologise for not being able to come over with the puppies dvd.
ms_nerd, honey, you're something else! I luv YOU!!!

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