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Okay, now that I got a day of puking out of the way and I can finally sit up without feeling like the room's spinning out of control I'd like to finish my icon gazing.

strandia This one will away be you to me. 'me pensive' is a close second.

bossymarmalade I like this one because its soft and strong and magical.

superpana It's JC and it's JC B&W. Wins hands down in my books.

sweetchacha Look. At. That. Face! *guh!*

sweeteyedelight this was simple. I like the font. :o)

synecdochic Your default icon is the best! I love how the picture is cropped.

tenebrio I love the lighting in this picture.

topaz119 This icon took my breath away when I saw it. I love the queen knot too.

turps33 This proves with out a doubt that we'll love them in any way shape or form. I heart this icon and its text so much!

ukdiva What will you use after CFTC's over? We need to get you a couple new ones. I love the enthusiasm. :o) see you in 48 days, luv

valiumbitch So, like, um, you know I love your default icon very much, but I can't help but feel drawn to the inner 17 year old in you. thank you for posting so openly about your life Mr. Chasez. It means a lot to your fans.:o)

vic_ramsey This is one cool icon!!!

village I love the etherial look of this icon. He looks happy and calm. It barely beat out your default flower icon. It's very pretty.

wagirl98 I'm a sucker for The OC's Ryan. I love this picture. The text goes perfectly with it.

weredonut Guh! The guy has some of the sexiest glares!

withdiamonds There were beautiful JC and Chris icons to choose from but this, *sigh* is beautiful.

and last but NEVER least

without_me My heart fluttered when I saw this icon. He's one beautiful creature isn't he?!?

That was fun.
Thank you all so much for being so creative and entertaining. Icons should be considered an artform.

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