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The icon fun continues.

poofusgirl B&W pics! I'm a sucker for them. The scratches are a brilliant addition.

kare I'll pick a different one the next time. But tonight, this one's my favourite.

raedoro Hollywood Squares Lance! It beat out 'sleeping justin' by a hair.

lucylooo I think you're hilarious and crazy. ::points at icon:: :o) And my darling, you wear the coolest purple shades.

riveroflife Love this pic of Justin! I've never seen it before and it's perfect for 'those' kinds of posts.

rosebee Oh this is such a great picture of Justin. The look on his face is priceless.

rrosa This is eerily awesome. Cropped perfectly and tinted.

scarlett_o rrraaaoooowww!!! He can bit me any time.

schizologic sweetie, where are all the icons I want to admire? Honey, we need to make you a couple.

scooterkitten still as pretty as the last time I looked.

scot_ty I love this icon so much. It’s sweetness and innocence to me. It barely made it past your default wipeout icon. That face! Who'dathunkit!!

seeksasylum I love this 'I'm the baby' icon. The picture is beautiful and it's B&W!! One of my weaknesses.

semijocund Ooooo. Billy Elliot. So adorable. And I love the text on it. This is a beautiful icon!

silveryscape Holy! This is one of the coolest icons!!! Wow! Me jealous!

silvrsolace I love the expression on your face babygirl!

skewedview It was a toss up between this one and the 'jc mouth' one. I love how this pic of Justin is cropped.

smoothlikebutta Great, great cropping job!!! I love icons that capture portions of a face. I like this icon A LOT!

songbirds This amused me beyond words when you first used this icon.

squickgrrl I love the tinting and framing of this picture. He's so pretty.

ssecca01 Hands. Justin's hands. Guh!

stargems this amuses and scares me all at the same time. Dude, you have so many cool icons, I had trouble choosing just one!

stars_in_ink I'm a sucker for B&W fotos!!! This one's pretty and I love the composition of it.

stina826 Hee! My OTP. And in B&W!!

Need to go to bed shortly. Will finish the last of my icon gazing tomorrow.

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