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I've had fun looking through a few more friends' icons.

jcaddict I love sepia images and I love this picture of JC.

halowrites There are some beautifully textured icons here, but this face! This little face just makes me wanna run up and smish him! Resistance is futile.

jcjoeyfreak It was this one or my other favourite: justinvision! Never pull this from your rotation.

jcsnaughtygirl I swear, this guy has mastered the slouch. Looking all relaxed and shexshay at the same time.

jcssexitary This rocks! And the icon of you smiling must never be pulled from your rotation. I’m left smiling like a happy fool after I’ve seen either of these icons.

jetskigirl02 I have no idea who this charming fellow is but his huge ass grin makes me smile along with him.

jewelianna So perfect. I wish I could tell you in ‘100 Ways’ how much I love this icon.

jrt_is_fired why you no have icons?

jsczalycat76 I love the lighting in this picture. The crop/pose draws me into the picture. Intense.

jupiterrings This is a sexy, steamy icon. And hee! And as you know, we share this man’s birthday!

kalisharp Nothing like a Simpsons icon to make one grin like an idiot!

kcchiefs91 Of all the absolutely beautiful icons to choose from, this one took my breath away!

kennedy brings back happy memories.

kgoodbuddy Hon, you may only have one icon, but it’s a doozy! Raaooww!

gigantic I love the colouring and cropping of this icon. I wanna know what he’s looking at beyond the frame.

kitchendinah This icon has always disturbed and fascinated me. And now I see the key word you chose for it. ::shudder:: evil indeed! Love it.

kittykatz Tony! And I love what the text says. Hopefully the secret is let out of the bag soon.

krabbypatty I said this about someone else’s icon. Why do some women have to be so beautiful. don’t they know what they’re doing to people like me? sigh

Wow, I seem to have a lot of friends in J & K. More tomorrow. did I mention that this is fun? Well, it is.

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