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Being the knob that I am, I went and missed the last call for 'pick-an-icon' bandwagon and I have no idea how far back to start looking for posts about it so I've had to make my own way. Here are the first of my 'friends'' icons I like.

afterthedream I love what you've called it and I'm a sucker for B&W.

aproposofnothin Oh boy! There were so many I loved. But this one makes me want to go scuba diving. I have no idea what these are but that's what I think of.

arami You know why. :o)

authoritysong Oh dear, sweet Pippin. *sigh*

basstronaughty I have a thing for hands and forearms...

batgrrl1975 I love me the TrickC and this picture makes me squee!

beatpropx I know you from this icon immediately but there are a couple of other absolutely beautiful ones on your icon page. "What? It's art" wow!

beth666ann I love this default icon!!!

bon1138 hee! I love the look on his face.

canadiankracka I love your happy place!!! and your CFTC 6 icon :o)

canalbaby I love the composition of this icon. Makes me want to see more. I want to see the rest of the action that this captured. Love it!

cathybites Aside from your pretty food icons and your adorable Calvin and Hobbs icons, this one is one of my favourites! Love the pose, the colour, everything.

charlidos Beside the fact that this wonderful person has nearly as many JC related icons as I do, this icon [photo of which I've never seen before]got me right in the tear duct. I nearly cried when I saw it. I miss the boys all together. *sniff* Love, love, love this icon.

chicksrus Technically there should be two icons for the chicks cuz there's two of them but NOPE. Sorry, hands down this is one of the most beautiful icons I've ever seen! If I could, I'd steal it and have it for my very own!!!

chrismm This is how I picture you. Happy and smiling. You've told me the story around this icon and it makes me love it even more. I'm terrified of your 'crap' icon.

ciderpress I want to hear what these sound like. They're so pretty!
I snorted at your Hyde icon!!

clarinut Why are some women so beautiful? *sigh* I love the JC 'BMU' icons too? Why are some men so beautiful? *sigh*

come_to_me This icon both amuses and disturbs me simultaneously!
and I love your Joey-givin'-the-finger icon.

coreopsis Man, I had trouble picking a favourite. But I love the expression on his face. Goes perfectly with the text. *meep!* A Luke icon too!

cranberryink Oh, my birthday twin! Why do you have so many icons I absolutely adore? They're all wonderful. The CS of doom is brilliant. I love the expression on Rickman's face in this one. Just love it.

crownzeal Oh, my sparkling jewel on LJ. This icon's been around for a long time. I hope you never retire it. grrrraaowww!!

D - Z to follow...

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