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Okay, here's a pointless 'Thursday-morning-waiting-for-the-caffeine-to-kick-in' post...which might explain the content of the post. [note to self. stay away from LJ before noon?]

[Things you think about when trying not to acknowledge the crotch in front of you on public transit]

1. Do men have larger nostrils than women?

2. Can you tell the gender of a cougher or sneezer if you're not looking at them when they cough or sneeze?

3. Does the volume of one's sneeze reflect the volume of one's love making?

Does the do-do-do-ooo-do-do-do's in JC's "Come to Me" come from a movie sound track or something. It's very pretty and I feel like I've heard it somewhere before. And now to consume too-hot caffeine in record time.

So, ummm, yeah. ImOuttaheah

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