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I've tried to clean up the place but I can't decide where to start. I just keep shoving junk from one spot to another.
The dishes are laughing at me from the kitchen and I don't even want to talk about the bathroom.

So what does one do to not think about the chores and errands they're not attending to?
They surf the net for photos to compare old and new.

So, did Lance Bass get his nose circumcised?

I know camera angles can do the weirdest things to objects but.....

Whatever, more power to him. If he's always had issues and this helps him put them to rest....::shrug::


Dear Lance;
Just promise us one thing. Don't turn into this generation's Michael Jackson.
It stops here. I loved your face pre-snip. I guess I'll grow to like this new remodeled look too.

please disregard the above post should it be proven that it was indeed a trick of the camera or a regretful surfing accident. Thanks you. And now I nap. Screw the housework.

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