Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

au skytrain?

Hi, I don't post much but had to share.
Another skytrain adventure but it was a nice interesting one.
I sat across from a guy who looked like he was a recruiter for an east L.A. gang. So? you ask.
Well, he was rabidly reading a Danielle Steel novel.
Danielle Steel. wtf?
Then. Then a chick came in and stood with her ass to me and well, her ass being at nearly eye level, the label on her pants caught my eye.
The label said "Our Clothes For All" (the 'A' was an inverted red heart) and the brand name was: "Gay Togs" I shit you not. Cool eh?
Gangsta's reading romance and people sporting gay threads.
Sometimes the world's a good place to be.

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