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The machine that is NSYNC does it again.

The day came when special time-sensitive PIN's were issued and many felt the thrill run through them when theirs arrived.

Special they said. Don't share them they said, at the risk of being eliminated they said. We kept our treasured PIN's secret and close at hand.

We watched the hours tick by as pre-sale tickets drew closer, and closer. We could taste them. Some of those specialer fans called 'Nsiders' were feeling elite. Were envisioning themselves in the $750.00 company of Celebrities.

Then the time came to take those special PINs and buy the dreams of a life time. For some it was the covetted $750.00 Platinum Ticket Package. Those who could even consider shelling out that much shivered with excitement. For others, the joy of getting into the events on a 2 Day Pass or at least into the Skills Challenge.
To get a glimpse of 'Them'.

We logged onto "Ticketbastardmaster" and offered up our PIN numbers like an offering to the GODS.

...Invalid. Not recognized. Does Not Exist...

Shock. Horror. Hopes dashed. I paid how much for Nsider priviledges for this bullshit?!? They sputter in horror.

Quick! Plan B: Use the FanClub generated PIN and grab what you can!

... ...

Okay, sorry, I won't go on. If I recall correctly, it seems this time last year there were similar glitches. When are they gonna get it right? *sigh*
Good luck to all those trying to purchase their tickets.
Congrats to those who got through unscathed.

<66 days to go>

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