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A student came back from Seattle [visiting a friend's new born baby] and brought back American 'treats' for us poor deprived Canucks.
Alas she returned krispy Kremeless but did bring a case of "RC Cola" for me.
She said that the cashier harrassed her because 'RC sucked and who the hell would drink that crap anyway.'
When I was a kid RC cola was THE cola of choice, man! I don't know if that's was a regional thing or not [I was in Mtl. during my RC Cola phase] I'm hoping it doesn't suck as much as the cashier claims it does. Because, man, I have a whole frickin' case of it. I asked for a single can of it just to sip my way down memory lane.
Speaking of Cola from Days of Olde. Do they still make "Tab" Cola. Y'know the cola in the pink can? I betcha JC would drink cola in a pink can...yep he would.
She also brought back "Laffy Taffy" [akin to Starburst chewy candies]. They've got lame jokes on the wrappers meant to send 4th graders into snot snorting hysterics apparently. She also brought back "Whatchamacallit" bars. Never heard of 'em. I look forward to lunch when the sampling begins.

What other American goodies am I missing out on I wonder...?

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