Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Question(s) for those going to CFTC...

I was wondering if there was anyone else planning on maybe hanging around after the CFTC week-end to do a little sight-seeing?

I'm really considering tacking on a few more days to my stay in South Florida.
I'm thinking travelling 4,514KM (that's 2,805 miles in American) for just three days is something even I'm not crazy enough to do. (oh, but wait, there was that week-end in Washington, DC.)

I was thinking of sight-seeing around Miami Beach (of course), the Ft. Lauderdale area, the Keys(one or two) and Everglades if I can get to them after the Charity week-end wraps up. Do any of you have any suggestions as to what I should put on my "Must See" List? Would anyone care to join me?

So far I've written down:

- Art Deco District(South Beach)
- Metro Zoo
- Monkey Jungle

- South Florida Museum
- Any Art Gallery/Museum

- Dolphin World

- Hemmingway Days
- Ghosts and Legends Tour

I think there's an Aquarium in one of these spots so I wanna go there too.

Now it's off to teach a roomfull of ungrateful fucks students a computer program they'll never use again in their fucking lives. have I mentioned I hate this fucking job?!?

I'm gonna surf Florida Tourism sites this afternoon when the little darlings are having a 'work period'. yep, I really hate this fucking job!?! and yep, I know I should be grateful for having one

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