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But Monday came anyway, even though I asked it very politely not to.

I got to know ms_nerd's two boys this week-end.
I think Draco might be sweet on me, or just has a thing for feet.
They kept me company [read: scared the crap out of me] while I sat with them on Saturday night watching "Most Haunted" a really scary show on WTN.
and I may have fed them too much but don't tell lance_nerd

Sweet little silvrsolace is back from her six month stint in Africa and it was so great to see her again. Hon, we need to do coffee so I can sit and listen while you tell me all about the place. Any photos to show?

chicksrus Michelle brought over her CFTC DVD yesterday and a portion of the Vancouver Posse lost its collective mind while it watched the footage. It was so great to see the boys all playing together. There really is a special energy the five of them give off when they're together.

And the sisters brought me a portion of chili that I forgot at home so have no lunch with me today. :o( Can we say 'hello vending machine'.

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