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What does hammerhead22 know that I don't know? Blue_bottomed Marionettes? What? When? Where? Oh God, do I have to troll the depths of eBay again?

Why does it take sooooo long for magazines to get here?! All I want is the copies of Blender and Rolling Stone that JC are in...*sigh*...patience, patience...patience.

So, the CFTC date is set. I wanna go. I also wanna see JC when he tours. Can I afford both?
When is JC touring? Where is he going to perform? How much will it cost me to get there?
::hoping for a decent tax return!!::

I should have studied to be a denist. They make a LOT of money.(out of patients like me!)
final tally on one tooth: $1036.00(crown) + $1250.00(root canal) = $2286.00 upper right molar

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