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A whole lot of rambling for a new icon

glockgal made me one of her custom one-sheet BD cards. "glockgal birthday card art"
::*NSync::LotR::ToD::OC:: omitted: SG1
I had to make an icon out of the top left panel. I love ironed hair!JC!!!

I met glockgal, her sister (now)bossymarmalade and silvrsolace five years ago in one of the most socially inept fandoms ever known to man (I think). I swear we were the only sane people in it. Anyway...we've been hanging out ever since, and together we've migrated like nomads through a few more fandoms since then.

These new fandoms we drifted through gave Glock new characters to draw when my birthday rolled around. Well, I'm still deeply rooted in the crazy and entertaining *NSync fandom which means; no new heartthrobs to draw to make me squeeee. But she managed to make me squeeee and cry some even though I told her that the watery eyes were from the sun.

And bossymarmalade did a great job as usual and wrote me not one but two birthday fic! Andrew Dann-Jumbo and Evan Farmer are hot! // *NSync Fish'n'Chip AU is hillarious and adorable.
"While You Were Out and DeepFry!Sync"

Y'know dear journal, I've met some really amazing people because of fandoms. The majority of them in this one.
I really wish I could meet a lot more of my LJ friends in the 'for-real-world' like I did glock and stubble and sabu and everybody in the Vancouver posse. Maybe this year I'll get to meet one or two more. Who knows.

Kare, kare honey...what am I supposed to do with it? Can I use it a bit at a time?
thank you again for everything

Well. I managed to be more long winded than I wanted. Ibettergonowokaybye.

The OC. Sandy said 'slante'. That probably doesn't mean anything to anyone but it made me shiver! Watch it Ryan, that little señiorita's gonna bring you mucho trouble.

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