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Is my aluminum hat on too tight?

Feb17: JC on Jay Leno. ,check. Captured the pink outfit in all its glory. (unfortunately, for some stupid reason the stations the show airs on has subtitles running at the bottom of the screen through the whole performance)

BUT, here's where I question the size of my headgear.....

Feb 18: JC on Ellen Degen... :o( D'oh!! Why is some guy that hosts some show about some people who do some things in some strange places on Ellen.....? No JC on Ellen.

When 'they' said Feb 18 did they mean airing or taping on the 18th? In turn airing on the 19th?

If that's what happened does that mean that:

Feb 19: JC on Late Night with that Craig guy is really only taping on the 19th and airing on the 20th?
and is that the morning of the 20th or the 21st since Kilborn's on after midnight making it technically the next day.

And what about Feb 23: JC on Regis and Kelly. taping or airing that day?

I don't get VH-1 or TRL so there are two dates I can stop fretting about. Crap, I don't think Seacrest airs up here either.

And is the Sharon Osborn date the airing or taping date too?

I think I'm gonna sit in the corner and chew on my aluminum hat. It'll hurt less.

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