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You've been warned

Possibly the First Rant of Many Today on the Same Topic because I'm a bad person
Does everybody have an obnoxious 'mimi' in their office that never EVER shuts up? A mimi that thinks the world revolves around them!!!!?!
I know I can do it alot, but this chick takes the cake!

I've got my very own. Most days, I can tune her out and nod and 'uh-hu' or 'oh, really?' in the right places but sometimes .... *sigh* she just gets so annoying. Today, I'm grinding my fillings down to the gums. Today She's cutting people off before they're even finished talking to give us her story.

She's got personal examples and first hand experiences for everything brought up in conversations.
She can weave a story about herself into any topic from cancer to belly dancing, from x-rays to zoology. AArrggh! ShutUpShutUpSHUTUP!!!

I want her to fall down now.

Of course she played a better and newer and scarier one all week-end but
hee! bossymarmalade and glockgal brought over their PlaystationII and "Silent Hill III" on Sunday. Man! That's some scary shit. If this was real, I tell you if the 'monsters' didn't get us in the first 5 minutes, the fright would get us in 10!!! We'd be dead!

And now, if I can manage to ignore my own personal mimi, I'm going to write some fic while she rambles on endlessly about mimiland.

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