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a good start

What a great morning! Sat at the computer reading LJ friends' posts and listening to *NSync as I dunked fresh strawberries in french vanilla yogurt for breakfast. The blow dryer didn't turn my hair into a harpo marx fright wig this morning. My mascara didn't clump and I got a seat on transit. And HOTDAMN!!!! ^NSync's on Rosie today. Doesn't get much better.
(except maybe meeting them in person)
Get to work - the computer lab is sitting at 31 degrees Celcius.
Calculate that to Farenwhatever and it's 92 degrees in here.
Not too good for computers - or humans.
But hey, I've got the puppies crooning here in the heat and I'm giggling at the new icon I made last night.
So despite the lung searing heat in here, life is good.
Puppies, Photoshop and LJ!

Oh, and the world should know that I love glittery dancing puppies *meep* and well that's all. thank you.

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