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I'm diggin' JC's game plan (but I like mine too)

I have a plan and I'd like to speak to JC's people.
It's a good plan. They're gonna go for it! Honest.
Fans would approve of it too. (I think)
Some might even support it.

Here's the plan:
JC should meet and greet people in bars and/or pubs.
Not dance clubs where it's all loud music, flashing lights and flashing titties but bar bars, y'know taverns, saloons, honky tonks, good old fashioned watering holes. You get the idea, right? Where people can sit around, nurse a beer and eat peanuts. Maybe play a game of pool. Shoot some darts.
Just hang out and 'shoot the shit' as they say.
And yes it would be age restricted (sorry yungins).
I think JC would go for that. He could wear his low riders and trucker cap and, hey, that caramel leather jacket he's so fond of.

Yep, I'd like to spend an evening just 'hangin' with JC at the local watering hole knocking back boiler makers and shooting pool the shit. So, like, yeah, if any of you know anybody who knows anybody, could you get the word out?

"Barkeep, a Corona for me and my friend if you please.

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