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Ignoring students is a hobby I like to practice whenever I can. So....

I was just browsing over at the image_service community (I haven't been to image_direct yet) and it struck me that I only ever ssociate famous people/celebrities with warm, sunny places where the weather is perfect. Where the 'celebs' have the perfect tans, the coolest designer sunglasses and the greatest summer clothes by the coolest designers of course what's up with that

I guess it's the years of watching the whole Kingdom of Hollywood and, well, Hollywood. ::shrugs::
California, where we're led to believe the sun always shines.

I was browsing, like I said, specifically for Nick/Paris (or is that Paris/Nick? anyway.) pictures. And they're all bundled up in a bunch of shots and there's mounds of snow all around them.

It just looks weird to me to see pampered famous people in less than perfect climate conditions. With celebrity comes warm sunny beaches, main streets lined with towering palm trees, cool breezes across a chi-chi patio of the trendiest coffee shop on Rodeo, where people sit to see and be seen.

Not salt stained sedans, or plough piles of dirty snow.

To me, if a celebrity is made to face adverse elements it should be on pristine snow covered ski hills. With all the other pretty people who ski. On groomed beaches where all the other pretty people lounge. On manicured golf courses or vacuumed tennis courts.

But what do I know.

(I blame all this pointless rambling on crownzeal.)

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