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Hmmm, who would I caste..?

Since I haven't been able to crawl into my icon and disappear for a bit, I'll daydream about movies. "Indiana Jones" in particular.

I think they're making a new one, right? Yes? No?
I think that Harrison Ford is the quintessential Indie. No one could ever take his place. No one.
He can hand the torch off to a younger archaeologist. Perhaps a student he's mentoring or one that wants to follow in his footsteps.
(that way the movie mogels can continue the series, right?)
And I was thinking of what actor could play this protege.

Is Orlando Bloom too delicate?
Is Tom Smallville-guy to pretty?
Is Collin Farrell too short/too old?
Is Hayden Darth Vader too bad an actor?
Is it too risky to caste it with a complete unknown?
Keanu Reeves? Johnny Depp? Brad Pitt? Joaquin Phoenix?
Benjamin McKenzie(The O.C.)?

Who, who, who could play Indie's 'sidekick'-come-replacement?

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