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morning transit musing

Okay so like while I was sitting on the Skytrain this morning wondering when my hair decided to turn into a Harpo Marx fright wig on me and whether it's scaring the other morning comuters as much as it is me, (I'm gluing a baseball cap to my head.) I started daydreaming about - what else - sparkly dancing boys. Maybe it was the demented little smile on my face that was scaring the other riders and not my bad-ass-bad-hair-gone-bad like I thought.
Well first I kicked around a naughty Justin Timberlake limerick but had to stop that or start giggling like a retard and this surfaced instead. People probably were scared by my dialated eyes instead.
Oh hell, I guess I have to face it - I'm just plain scary in whatever state I ride Transit:

Their sweat slick bodies skid against one another with each penetrating thrust.
Long graceful limbs entwine with shorter pliant ones.
Cheeks flushed, lips raw.
Bright teeth sink into a freckled shoulder.
Their torsos arch like saplings.
Fingers knot in blonde-tipped spikes.
Tongues lick. Taste salt.
Faster. Deeper. Faster.
Moans. Growls. Cries.
Bonless sighs.
Tangled damp sheets.
and the lambs sleep.

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