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staff "Christmas" party

I think I'm still drunk. Actually more drunk than when I left the distaster that shall be called the annual staff Xmas party. How is that possible?

Just so's y'know, if you're at all interested - I become a kleptomaniac when I'm loaded. I am the proud owner of two martini glasses from the Sheraton Wall Centre Ballroom. hehehe. They're so pretty. And tiny.
Bastards were charging $6.00 a drink. We got free drinks (we being bossymarmalade and I) because we have friends in the right places. wOOt to influential friends and colleagues.

*eeeeeee* Fergie and Black Eyed Peas is on tv right now! JC did her. or did she do him? Ha.
Oka, the dude in the blakc jump suit has to get over himself.
*sigh* I think I'd have a thing for Fergie if I was so inclined.

Oh dear, I think I'm a litlle drunk.


Jan. 11th, 2004 01:28 am (UTC)
dude, I just got out of bed so that I could correct my misspelling of "c"leptomaniac to "k"leptomaniac. It was keeping me awake. - I don't even wanna look at the rest of the spelling errors in this post. I am such a loser

And now I've taken another ten minutes trying to pick out an appropriate 'userpicture' but I see that I have no drunken!sync icons. ::covets your toasting critter icon:: Is he shooting 'hypnotic' there?

And YES YES YES you totally HAVE to come up so that we can go on a Klepto spree together.
Hahahaha::falls down:: isn't it sad when things are only funny to the drunk one

Hangover: I ate bread when I got home and drank two BIIIIIIG glasses of water. Thank you for the good vibes baby.

Food served at fiasco known as staff party vs Alcohol consumed at this horrid affair:
..tomato thingamabobbers. total consumed by moi=0
..bacon wrapped scallops. total consumed by yours truly=2
..chicken satay. total wolfed down by this drunk-=1
..skewered shrimp (two per skewer) gnawed on by this bored employee=1
..gin&tonics downed in record time by you guessed it=3
..martinis inhaled to halt homicidal thoughts=2
For the amount of alcohol consumed I should not be this blitzed. But considering the scant morsels of food handed out in 20 - 30 minute intervals, it's understandable. Don'tcha think?

Okay, that was more than you needed to know. I'm going to bed now. Here's hopin' I dream of SDB!

Jan. 11th, 2004 10:54 am (UTC)
:laughing too hard to breathe:

You are the cutest thing EVAH! It sounds like you have done everything in your power to keep the hangover to a minimum but I'm still sending you lovely 'feel good' vibes.

I think kleptomaniac should hearby be spelled with a 'c'. :nods:




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