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..It was pitch black and -9 when I left home this morning. That's just wrong I tell ya. Wrong!
..I left the hot water trickling in the kitchen while I'm at work so the pipes don't freeze. even if it's just trickling while I'm not there is worrying me
..I'm glad the holiday season is over.
..I get a really good vibe from the Paris/Nick pics. Don't lynch me.
..So what will they be called? 'Parick' . 'risick' . 'CarTon' . 'Hilter'. no, the last one sounds too much like Hitler. I think I like CarTon the best.
Come on, you know when people get on board, there's gonna be fic. Carton Fic. :o)
..I think the two icon thing going around is cool.
.. -> note to self: answer those who've posted it in their journals.

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