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SNOW SNow Snow snow.

I was going to meet up with the northern half of chicksrus for coffee this morning but suggested that we put it off because of the crazy road conditions in my 'hood. It's pretty hilly here and some of the side streets have never seen a plough in their lives. And there are some *interesting* driving techniques in this town.
Michelle, honey, we'll do it soon!!! And yes I'm emailing glockgal about the list.
Instead, I was lucky to find a bored ms_nerd sitting at home down the block from me who was willing to try walking around in all this glorious white stuff to take pictures and stop in for a coffee at Starbucks.
I might have snickered at her over compensating footwear but not by the end of our walk. She might have had creeping socks but at least she got home warm and dry.
My feet are soaked from toe to ankle, my pants are drenched from hem to knee.
- Just before we got to my building a tree let go a whack of snow and dumped it right on nerd's head.
we laughed

gremmie_goo I think there'll still be snow on the ground by the time you get home.
There's tonnes of it. If not, lance_nerd and I took pictures of it. :o)

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