Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Spent a couple of hours watching tv today

I had today off. \o/ I had good intentions of doing house work! I really did. But.....Shaw Cable has this option to watch some current shows (for free) that have aired already. I found the first two episodes of Hawaii 5-0 season II. I've never seen a full episode from the first season but I watched these two episodes despite that. (I'll use any excuse to NOT do house work) It is definitely much "prettier" than the original Jack Lord/James MacArthur original! AND I think I might be hooked.
A couple of comments. :o) I was pleasantly surprised to see "Lock" show up - I hope they keep his character around.
I have hopes that McGarrett isn't always quite so grim about everything. And I'd love to see something happen to Dan-O's coif - honey, it doesn't help you look any taller. And why is there not more air time for Chin???!!! But who am I to pick a hit show apart.
So now I'm off to find out when the show actually airs in my area and find season I episodes to fill in some of the back stories.

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