Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

I'll take a good day any time

|||Was on a much more even keel today emotionally. Thank you LJ/DWers for letting me release some of my angst. It was nice to not have a threatening lump in my throat or a steady burning in my eyes from unshed tears all day.

|||Why do I only think of stinging come-backs hours after I'm smacked by an insult?!?
I'll preface this with I'm a *ahem* Plus-size "Rubenesque" woman. So are many other women in this city, OKAY! This woman walked by me this afternoon and said "Hey, Jenny Craig might work." And kept strolling on her merry way while I felt the wind get kicked out of me. Is it me or was that a mean, bitchy, mean, did I mention MEAN thing to say? What a mean bitch. I am having cards made up so I can hand them out to dip-sticks like her that would say something like: "This would be the best come-back ever, but I'm not sure you're smart enough to get it." PS. eatshitanddie!" I'm open to suggestions if you feel like contributing to my come-back deck. *grrrrrr*

|||So, is this kind of weird? My teeth don't 'fit' together like they used to.
I dusted off dug out my night guard and it doesn't fit anymore.
Can grinding your teeth move them enough to change your 'bite'?
//crickets....I did ask if it was weird.

|||And how about this season's shows? I haven't seen many.
Are there any MUST SEEs in the bunch?
Is "Terra Nova" going to tank after six episodes?
Is "Persons of Interest" worth investing time in?
Is "Charlie's Angels" canceled yet?!? (no offenses to fans)

|||Oh, and a couple of 'happys' today.
I left work fifteen minutes early and the sun was shining. (minus the mean bitchy bitch moment).
I mailed off DVDs to Bridezilla and her sister and no longer have to see them sitting on my desk.
I tried the new Tim Horton's Maple French Toast Cinnamon Bagel, and I think I like it.

|||Wanna fill out a poll? (gonna try and remember how to put things behind a cut tag....)

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