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I can't believe I've been sitting here all afternoon hunting through disks to find icons.
:o( sadly a whack are gone. Lost when my little tangerine iMac had a nervous breakdown a few months back.
I had tonnes of shit stored right on my machine and *sigh* so were some icons - ones I really liked that I left there for easy and quick access. *poot!*

But I've found some cool stuff that I completely forgot I had. (well, I found it cool)
and I haven't even started uploading icons yet.

I took the top picture and moved the boys closer together.

Photoshop filters are addictive. am I wrong in thinking 'anime'?

I probably have double four times more than this amount of icons now.

Okay, time to sift through my icons and start uploading some. Decisions, decisions. ::rubs hands together::


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