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I'm feeling quite accomplished. I successfully explained to my computerly-challenged mother how to receive/send emails. All this over a long distance call. If you knew my mother, you'd be proud of me too.
She got good enough to open attached images. Who'd I send her images of you ask? Well, JC of course.

My 70+ mother said he was a real cutie. ::giggle:: :o)
Coming from her that's, like, wow! You like something I find pretty?!
...okay, where's my real mother and what did you do with her?

But really, how could you not think this was gorgeous?

Back to picking icons. I'm crazy - I originally wondered just what I was going to do with 50 icons.
Now I'm wondering why didn't they give us more. :o\
Man,I must be on crack. I have made a whack of icons since I signed up on LJ!!!!


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