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It's just past noon on a weak sunny Saturday and I'm back from lugging about 6,784 lbs of cat food and other assorted goodies home. Dakota the cat's going crazy crawling all over the bags that have the canned food in them.
(Can she smell it through the tin or something?!)

Checking LJ and I found a full of pretty over in crownzeal's journal. CZ has posted about Justin's NBC special with a swack of really really nice pics(caps?) so you should go have a look.

Now to detangle the cat from the plastic bags and put some of this shit away.

And screw house work. I've got better things to do.:
I'm loading icons until my eyes fall out. thank you again anonymous for your generous faerie dust
I'm going to finish my fic for anon".
I'm continuing working on daraq's piece.
I'm thinking about contributing todacey holiday themed cd cover challenge.
I'm working on an HTML assignment for my PT class. (If it works out it's going to be fucking funny - well at least to me)

nothing like losing yourself in things you love to do to get over a craptastic work week!
thanks to my sweet LJ friends who sent me hugs and sparklies!! You guys are the best!</>

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