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just panicked rambling that can be ignored

I'm freaking out about BIG problems at work so I'm going to lose myself in a world I'd rather spend all my time in - puppyville.
So to happier things, Stubbleglitter and Glockgal motored on over to m'place last night and we ate yummy Chinese food and watched "On the Line".
OH. MY. GOD! Can Lance get any more adorable. I think not.
(except maybe when he's going to be interviewed when he gets back from space and he's going to be all wide-eyed and euphoric, and had an epiphany about being that close to God, maybe)
I loved him. I want to be the chick that makes paper airplanes.
His feet fit in girls' shooz. squeee!
I don't want to get started on 'gotta-hug-him!' Joey.
But I shouldn't say any more about all the adorable, cute, squee-triggering stuff.
See the movie. See it. See it!!!
AND be VERY sure to watch ALL of the end credits. You will squeal repeatedly and wet your pants. (but maybe not in that order)

*deep breath* time to get back to dealing with the horribleness that is my job. mommy!

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