Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

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Hallowe'en was too short but fun.
..ate yummy fish 'n' chips
..drank almost enough Molson Canadian Dry to get a little bit of a buzz going.
..waited patiently for YTV's "Fear Marathon" to start.
..ended up sharing my bed with my sleep-over guest, because she was too scared to sleep out on the sofa alone after the marathon was over. ::shakes head::
..ribbed her *cough*bossymarmalade*cough* only a little bit about it.

We were so ready to ridicule the idiots that were on the show performing the 'dares'.
We were squirming and imagining ourselves in their places.
We were in total agreement that we both would have shit our pants!
Why do we LOVE to be scared by the unknown?

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